View Full Version : Merge vobsub subtitles or any other solution

3rd January 2002, 09:36
I had a movie on 2 dvds. I ripped the subtitles of each dvd in vobsub format. Then I joined the 2 avis I got from each dvd so now I have 1 avi but 2 sets of subtitles. I have tried everything. Either I get only the first or the second part of the movie corect and the other subs unsynched (mixed up not just unsynched).
So I even tried to rip from the sub file the subtitles using subripper but I get no timestamps, meaning that all subtitles start at 0:00:00 and end 0:00:00. The ifos from the vobsub sets do contain timestamps cause I can see it in the *idx file.
What can I do. I just want subtitles in whatever format...
Can any1 help?
Thanx in advance