View Full Version : Generate subtitle BMPs from exisiting subs?

3rd January 2002, 09:14
I would like to provide my kids, whose native language is French, the possibility of better understanding a movie by adding subs to SVCD. I have a fair collection of good quality DivX movies, many of which they would like to be able to watch in the living room on the standalone (Apex 1500). Now there is a big collection of subtitle files "out there" on the web - none of which are of any SVCD use to me as what I need are actual BMP's.... So, apart from manually typing the content of these files into OGTCreator - isn't there any way to generate the BMPs from such an exisiting subtitle file?

3rd January 2002, 14:06
you can use MaestroSBT to do SSA->IAuthor sub conversion. Look at doom9's download homepage.

3rd January 2002, 15:45
Thank God... uh... I mean Mozart :-)

That's wonderful! Now I'm going to experiment around a bit more. Lot to learn, lot to read. Got my standalone, a thus the need for SVCD's, since about 4 weeks and the *need* to go from simple copy to complete product is maddening <g>

Wonder if once a subtitle stream is muxed in and I work on the MPEG with other products that do not support subtitle muxing if it still leaves the stream intact...

<of to experiment>