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3rd January 2002, 00:30

I've just downloaded vobsub 2.06 and I don't understand how to do to enable directvobsub under Xp. In the past, i had windows 98 and with previous version of vobsub (2.02), i used to do the "dvobsub.inf" activation.
but now, i didn't succeed to find this file.
And i try the powernextgen or zoomplayer. boths can not provide dvobsub properties. So i'm quite sure that dvobsub is not well installed.

If someone could help me to do well, it would be very cool.


3rd January 2002, 04:22
VobSub comes with its own installer now.. So just run the exe and it will install itself. If you have a movie with subs it should load itself then. also try and run mplayer2 and load the avi file if DirectVobSub loads you should then see a Green Arrow in your tray icon where you can access DVobSub's properties and other filters.

29th April 2002, 15:17
I just installed Vobsub 2.14 under XP and could not get the green arrow anymore so I switched back to 2.12 and it's okay. Furthermore, I've another computer and 2.12 works fine under 98SE but I could never get it working correctly under XP (vobsub doesn't load, no green arrow).

Is there anyway to verify it's installed correctly?

30th April 2002, 17:50
Yeah, i got the same problem since i've installed Vobsub 2.14 dunno why but it wont auto-load when i play a movie with subs. I tryed Powerdivx and it will load but that's strange it just do that with powerdivx and i don't want to use that player...can anyone have a solution to this?


30th April 2002, 17:53
Found this on VobSub 2.14 documentation:
Q: Just installed DirectX 8.1 or Windows XP (also comes with DX81) and can't run my .sub.avi any longer.
A: It is NOT the problem of dvobsub. The "File Source (async)" filter can't locate the given source avi/wav file because it is now trying to search it in the root directory instead of where it was launched from. (You should know that the file names are saved with full path ordenary, but releaser groups strip the path in order to be able to run it after moving it to another directory or computer.)

Dunno if this is the problem cause i've not done anything else than changing the from version 2.08 to 2.14 and now no subs....

1st May 2002, 05:54
I'm sure that's not the problem here. Could you try http://vobsub.edensrising.com/get.php/test.exe ?

1st May 2002, 12:08
Thx m8
Well i've installed that and still it doesn't work, if i switch back again to 2.12 seems to be ok.

Thx again and great work u've been doing...

1st May 2002, 12:12
Under what player is it not loading for you?

1st May 2002, 12:18
Tryed in Media player 8 and media player 6.4
Tryed also PowerDivx but that one loads the subs and seem to display them okay

6th September 2002, 16:00
I used to have the same problem on winXP pro.
I desinstalled vobsub completely and installed directVobSub 2.18 alone and finally it works.

12th September 2002, 23:19
where can i dl the old versions of vobsub ?