View Full Version : CCE isnt encoding as fast as it used to

2nd January 2002, 17:37
first off...here's my system specs: Duron 900@1010mhz, 256mb PC133 RAM, 40gb 7200RPM ATA-100 running on Win2k with all service packs and updates.

i used to be able to pull of speeds of about .800, which was pretty good...but now im down to about .396...with the same exact settings. what went wrong here? essentially, im ripping the same thing as i did last time (sopranos box set) and now all of a sudden it's piss poor slow...what can i do to fix it (besides get a new chip). i recently upgraded to the newest versions of DVD2SVCD, does anybody think that has anything to do with it?

3rd January 2002, 00:47
I have a question have you tried encoding just using cce and not using like the dvd2svcd program?

3rd January 2002, 01:10
i dont even bother trying to encode with CCE by itself...fucking thing crashes on me all the time and gives me more headaches than anything else...that's why i was delighted when i saw that not only did DVD2SVCD automate the SVCD creation process for me, but it also managed to get CCE working optimumly and stable

3rd January 2002, 01:16
Ok what happens if you reinstall the last version of dvd2svcd that worked faster for you..is there a speed increase or does it stay the same. Doing that should answer your own question if upgrading 2 dvdsvcd 1.0.5 build 4 has slowed you up

3rd January 2002, 01:47
If CCE is slow, the first thing you do is open the AVS file in notepad, if either InverseTelecine or TemporalSmoother is in use, well, then you have the explenation to why CCE is slow. InversereTelecine is slow as hell, and your speed values sounds as if IVTC was activated by dvd2svcd.

3rd January 2002, 11:43
i found that my cce speeds increased when i either

1: reinstalled my os regularly
2: used a registry cleaner

hope this helps :D