View Full Version : "Free" ISP teams with ATEME for IPTV service update

21st May 2007, 12:35
Sources in french here :


Quick explanation :

Free (french ISP from the Iliad group) offers an IPTV service, which is included in the internet offer (ADSL technology) along with VOIP. They've been using MPEG-2 to broadcast their channels @ 3.5mbps. (Side note : the quality was amazingly bad, the blocks were unbearable even on a traditionnal TV set).

Today, they started streaming 18 of their channels in h.264 @ 1.7mbps, in order to allow subscribers that are too far from the exchange and have limited bandwidth to benefit from the IPTV service. As the title suggests, "Free" teamed with Ateme to make this happen.

This long anticipated technological evolution relieves many forgotten curtomers :)

People seem to doubt the quality will be worth it (the news fell this morning so nobody was able to check, everyone being at work ATM). I'm impatient to be this evening ;)