View Full Version : Unable to display sub in Vista

15th May 2007, 16:25
Here's my issue: I'm english speaking, but my wife isn't. I have therefore quite a few recordings (including Zone 1 DVDs) with subtitles, which I reencoded back to x264 for space saving.

Now under XP I used Directvobsub to display those subtitles (external files), or the Haali Media splitter in conjunction with CoreAVC worked just fine.

Under Vista:
- If Directvobsub is installed, I can't get any display (black screen) with CoreAVC
- if Directvobsub is not installed, the playback is fine, but no subtitle for files that have embedded subtitles (aka MKV)

- If I use ffdshow codec, everything is fine, but the codec itself struggles with some streams, so it's not appropriate. Plus it crashes under MCE quite often (as opposed to CoreAVC which is reasonably stable)

So bottom line: under Vista, I have no way to use CoreAVC and display subtitles.

Has anyone ran into the same issue ?

16th May 2007, 12:30
The problem is probably because you are using MCE or WMP under Vista to play those files. If you try other players the playback should be fine.

As a workaround for MCE, let vsfilter be installed and force Haali's splitter to autoload it (Haali's options -> Compatibility -> Autoload vsfilter = yes).