View Full Version : How to record movies from OLD PSX

15th May 2007, 12:33

Please anyone can tach me how to record movies from psx to pc or to any digital video recorder.

But there is some points that you should know before answer me...

that i have make some test from my videoh DVD to PC for recording for psx movies but the image seems to tremble a little and it is not so good.

The second that i use a mpeg4 recorder 2 plus for recording but when i record it, there is only audio but the image remains black and white and also in the preview from mpeg4, the image is black and white.

But my psx output is ntsc 4.43 and the console itself is a pal system but with output ntsc 4.43....

So please anyone help me

15th May 2007, 17:17
What are you trying to record? In-game sequences or FMVs? If it's just FMVs, might I suggest you skip the recording altogether and use PSXMC to rip FMVs.

If it's in-game sequences, I really don't have much experience in analog captures but I reckon posting details of your PC/capture card set-up and a sample clip would help others on the board help you better.