View Full Version : MeGUI AVS creation bug

12th May 2007, 19:25
it seems the main MeGUI bug thread's been locked, so I guess I'll just make a new thread for this...

Yesterday, I started an encode using an AVS I created in MeGUI. The source was a DV AVI created in Premiere, the video contains a title card in the beginning and several credit cards at the end. This was exported from Premiere using the Optimize stills option. What this option apparently does is to encode just one frame of the still image in the video stream, and just reference that for subsequent frames. The problem was that after encoding, these stills showed up for just one frame. I figured out that this was because the AVS creation tool in MeGUI had used directshowsource in the AVS, when I manually switched that to avisource everything works fine.

My suggestion is that when you select an AVI file, MeGUI first tries avisource, and if that should fail for some reason reverts to directshowsource.

13th May 2007, 01:13
There's a reason the thread has been closed.. you should file bugs on sf. However, from your description it is obvious that this isn't a bug - you cannot possibly blame megui for avisynth's inability to read your source via directshowsource. The reason for defaulting to directshowsource is simple: for avisource you need a working vfw codec set up for decoding. A lot of people don't have that.. they might have the codec (ffdshow) but by default the vfw decoding part isn't set up - and checking script for potential errors, then rewrite isn't a two-liner and not something the script creator is currently set up for doing.