View Full Version : Ripping audio from Mpeg

1st January 2002, 19:21
I have a standard mpeg1 file that has slighly dodgy audio, it has a hiss and a few clicks and in places the audio is VERY quiet.

What programs should I use to rip the audio from the mpeg and what should I use to improve the sound? I heard Sound Laundry 2.5 was good for cleaning the sound any tutorials to do this kind of thing?


Top Cat

2nd January 2002, 16:26

for demuxing, vdub should do the job, to improve quality... ehmm dunno. try cooledit or something like that. maybe you find some denoising and declicking software on shareware sites like nonags or tucows.... if the sound is too quiet, try wavebooster (doom9's download site)...