View Full Version : Multiplexer (SVCD with SUB...)

Antonio S.
1st January 2002, 17:25
Can someone recomend me a multiplexer to make SVCD with subtitles?
I don't want to use I-Author and I don't know how to use SUBMUX...:mad:

Antonio S.

1st January 2002, 19:00
AFAIK there is no open source multiplexer (with gui) yet supporting subs.
It's not (yet?) implemented in BBmpeg or DVDx nor in Mplex (MJPEGTools).
DVD2SVCD next to the commercial tools as I-Author is the only free tool on the moment.
You should be able to use submux from the commandline to mux subs in the stream but i haven't used it yet.
Commands are:
submux [options] [in.mpg] [script.sub] [out.mpg]
-t <time> time in seconds (with decimals) to offset the script
-v <level> verbosity level (default 0)
-s <stream> number of the substream to insert (default 0)
-P enable progress indicator