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2nd May 2007, 06:27
i restored my hard drive and a couple avi's are playing up.

when i play one media player classic, it returns the first 16-odd minutes after 'buffering' for a few seconds. Virtualdub takes it's time reconstructing a 'missing or damaged index', but it too only returns the first 16 or so minutes. [other films play fine]

i know the film is longer than that. Avicodec shows the true length of over an hour.

is there any way of restoring the file itself to its former glory?

2nd May 2007, 10:36
Try this software: http://divfixpp.sourceforge.net/

If that doesn't work, you might try muxing it into another container, like mp4 or mkv. Otherwise I'm not sure how to correct it.

2nd May 2007, 11:51

If your video is uncompressed you can demux it with mp4box/yamb and remux with avisynth(filter rawsource)/virtualdub.

Another approach (uncompressed or not) avi-mux GUI:


Good luck

3rd May 2007, 07:20
the movie is compressed in good ol' ASP. Avimuxgui flips out when i load the file, saying "The AVI parser failed to open an AVI file that looks like an AVI file. The file is probably damaged."

Divfixpp seems to ignore what mpc cant play and creates a nice tidy avi file of the first 16:55 minutes.. :(
a mencoder avi->avi set to stream copy does the same thing

//log from DivFix++ 0.29
Processing file : doesnt work.avi
Four CC is : XVID
Error detected at byte: 128450694
File end reached.
DMLH found: 24337

New Stream Size : 128440446
Total Error Count : 1
Total Frame Count : 66648
Video Data Frames : 24337
Audio Data Frames : 42311

dunno if that means much to anyone. but note the stream size there - Multimedia Analysis Box in SUPER returns a stream size of 18446744073709551615 [sic] :confused:

3rd May 2007, 07:36
wow. just had the great idea of loading the file in a hex editor. what do you know, after about frame 128450000, there are just straight 00's.
i guess that's a side effect of restoring hard drives

i guess ill have to recreate the avi from it's source. thanks for your suggestions anyways