View Full Version : My Vivo is becoming Pipo

1st January 2002, 01:07
Ok..i lost the composite out. It's totally not working anymore. (this could be a sign). Now the S-Video out is working...but there is this rolling white blur rolling slowly up the screen over and over again. As if something is wrong ...duh:-). I have no clue how to fix that. I thought it could of been a interferance problem so i tried to remove as much as possible from the area...but still it remains. Right before i lost composite out the white rolling blur came to me...to me i a ray of light. I didnt know what to think of it at first...maybe just a friendly reminder that the video source is from the computer...or maybe it was a dead relative trying to communicate. In all its short live glory it became a dominant force over my tv viewing experience. So i slightly adjusted the composite cable and boom...it was gone forever. Now i use a S-Video cable (the svideo cable that came with it)...still it lives. Ok so i have to take it for a entity of the video card, that's fine, whatever...but zhit it sux.
Ok so now i have moved on...im taking it that there is no hope for that so i moved to capture Bob The Builder video's i have rented from the library for 7 days. So i fire up virtual dub and the huffyuv codec. So i think i got it worked out...yeh..wrong.
First attempt i get a black flickering screen. It looks like im watching an orginal bootleg of Teenwolf on VHS...in its beta days.
On second attempt...i think i got something that can be defined as sound...although does the sound a true dog whistle makes consider sound, im not too sure.
Thrid attemp i said fuc it...it's new years eve at 8pm and i got to do something else....so i made a e-book/soundtrack. It rocks.

If anybody out there can help me on either the high jinx of the rolling white soul in tv out please tell me....or what happen to composite out. And of course my current project of trying to capture Bob The Builder's Can We Fix It and also Bob The Builder's To The Rescure...please reply.

Ok...anyways happy new years and i hope your resolution comes true.

P.S. my resolution is to make last year's resolution come true...and so forth and so on ;-P.