View Full Version : help needed in frameserving from Premiere to CCE 2.50

31st December 2001, 18:53
looking for a guide on how to frameserve from Premiere 6 using avisynth with video into CCE 2.5 and audio into TMPGenc(will newest version work 2.50). I am finding small snippets on how to do it but not a full walk through (creating .avs script, how to frameserve into both programs). But could there be a full guide somewhere that i have missed.
Any help would be appreciated. I have a great deal of footage of holiday videos from a Digital video camera to convert into SVCD's.


4th January 2002, 17:49
You can use my plugin. With this plugin you can serve both audio+video to CCE SP v2.62 (Audio bug is solved for AMD processors).

If you want to want to use avisynth you can also use my plugin. It can feed video to CCE with the wrapper server and feed the audio to TMPGenc (using avisynth).

HOW ? You can read on my site www.videotools.net

Hope this helps...