View Full Version : Please help. Copying DVD Video to DVD-R

31st December 2001, 08:05
Ok, I use DVDDecrypter3 and I rip the CSS stuff to a folder on my hard drive and then just simple copy and paste the other files into the same folder. The movie loads up the copyright screen and then stops or some movies make a scrambled screen. This is were the menu is supposed to pop up. If I just press play the movie plays fine on my sony dvd player. My problem is the menus. How can I get my menus to show up and play? Someone please help. DVD-R's are to expensive to keep messing up. Thanks!

31st December 2001, 11:41
I dont really have the knowledge to help you on this one...all I can suggest is that if your haven't done already, check the guides on Doom9's site.