View Full Version : ImgBurn v2.3.1.0 Released!

10th April 2007, 10:16
Here's the changelog:

Added: 'Reset Settings' feature to the 'Options' tab in 'Build' mode.
Added: 'Read' support for discs (DVDRAM etc) formatted with the FAT16/32 file system.
Changed: Optimised the file system parsing code.
Changed: Set default write buffer size to 40MB for people with 1GB of RAM or more (actually set at 980MB rather than 1GB this time).
Changed: Set default path for IBG files to [APPDATA]\ImgBurn\IBG Files.
Changed: Set default path for LOG files to [APPDATA]\ImgBurn\Log Files.
Changed: The little 'DVDInfoPro' icon to the latest one - as taken from the program's exe.
Changed: Upgraded to NSIS v2.25.
Changed: Some internal workings of the 'Check For Program Updates' code.
Fixed: Access Violation error when doing an 'on the fly' DL burn in Build mode.
Fixed: DVDRAM discs formatted with FAT32 were always seen as 'empty' and so no 'overwrite' prompt was displayed if you tried to write to them.
Fixed: Old drives that don't report the track mode correctly in the TOC could then read normal Mode1/2048 discs to a Mode1/2352 image.
Fixed: Problem using numeric keypad to enter a custom number for 'sectors' in Discovery mode.
Fixed: The layer break preview application wasn't working correctly under win 9x (Problems in the CreateProcess/ShellExecute wrappers).
Fixed: The stars in the 'Select/Create Layer Break Position' window's list showed some odd graphics corruption under Win9x.
Fixed: UDF file system parsing code could get stuck in a loop.

Download it here: http://www.imgburn.com/