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24th March 2007, 20:43
I've been using DVD Decrypter for a few years now, but this may be a 'newbie' question. Does anyone know, why, all of a sudden, DVD Decrypter(last version) is reading in 1GB files, but decrypting them out as under 1GB(usually
in 800,000-988,000kb range), when before they would be decrypted out at the full original 1GB size? And, also,
my DVDShrink is giving me an error of 'can't find file VTS_02_9.VOB', when this file doesn't even exists on the original DVD?!? This has happened to the past 3 DVD's that I've tried to back up. I haven't made any changes to any of the settings in DVD D, or DVD S(that I'm aware of, anyway). Ideas, anyone?


24th March 2007, 20:54

Sounds like you've been confronting the newer ("ARccOS" and/or "RipGuard") copy protection schemes.

Try ripping your DVD(s) using the easy to use "RipIt4me" package (Incorporates RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, FixVTS, and DVD Shrink). You can download this excellent freeware from:


While you're at that site, read the excellent "how to" tutorial...

25th March 2007, 00:39
Reset your DVD Decrypter settings to default.


25th March 2007, 20:01
Thanks for the info! I've downloaded RipIt4Me.exe and the help file, installed it, but am getting 'error in RIPIT4ME.EXE and MFC42.DLL'. Could this be because I'm still using WinMe(please no jokes, I'm upgrading to a dual
OS PC(XP and Vista) soon). I couldn't find anywhere, the
requirements for this program. Does this need Win2000 or better? Also, how is Vista's 'digital rights management' going to affect our ability to rip and make backups?

25th March 2007, 20:30
Could this be because I'm still using WinMeYes.

You might want to search for, download and install MFC42.DLL (either in your RipIt4Me folder or Windows\System32 folder)...

25th March 2007, 23:11
And, in the meantime, ensure your ASPI is installed correctly.