View Full Version : Looking for a program like DVD2MINIDVD to author miniDVDs (like DVD2SVCD)

30th December 2001, 04:35
I am looking for a single tool easy to use to back up the DVD discs to a CDR format (simillar to DVD2SVCD). Are there any such tools exists or should I have to go through the pain of authering DVD as per the guides given in doom9.

FYI. I had spend 4 to 5 days playing with the tools available in the doom9, could not able to create a mini dvd yet!

Thanks in advance.

30th December 2001, 05:01
NO there isnt..

And Dooms guides work just fine...I have several miniDVDs to prove it.

30th December 2001, 12:20
Most people will tell you you just have to bite the bullet and do it yourself with these programs. I would say the same but I've been developing a dvd2svcd like program (except it has batch features) for a while and I think I'm going to do a miniDVD/DVD-R version as well because noone hass done it and I'm tired of manually ripping and rebuilding dvds.

Reply or Post any features you want it to have....menus are going to be the bitch right now...

30th December 2001, 15:04
That is a wonderful thing, I am very excited if you like me to beta test it. I was so frustrated and was about to give up and thank you!

The feature I am looking is a simple one. It should take the following inputs.

1. Choose the IFO to be converted. (an auto choose the biggest IFO or what ever logic would be nice).
2. [Optional feature] If possible we should able to select what chapters need to be converted etc.
3. Input to convert it to the number of CDs [I was hoping for a default of 3 discs to produce a reasonable quality].
4. It should create those 3 disks on the hard disk like disk1/disk2/disk3. (Optinally not a requirement it can create a cue/bin image that could be burnt in Nero).

Thanks, Siva

31st December 2001, 12:02
I use Dvd2Svcd to do that.

1 - Forget the Svcd bitrate. Choose yours and yr number of CDs
2 - Change by hand the avs Dvd2Svcd when asked as to define a Full format like Pal 720x576 instead of Svcd format.
3 - Get rid of audio downsampling (keep 48)
4 - Obviously, as Dvd2Svcd does not "yet" provide the authoring tool you need oneto create one title for each MiniCd (Ulead Dvd tool is convenient and not expensive. You can test one demo version.



1st January 2002, 09:21
Good catch I use dvd2svcd also xly.


1st January 2002, 21:45
smartripper to process stream to get video, ac3, dts and so on
cce2.62 using robshots guide
dvd maestro used for muxing ac3/dts with transcoded video
<cut the vob's in a given number of cd-r>
demux the vob's with bbdmux
dvd maestro for each cd-r
nero for buring the images

only problem is the cutting of the vob's created by dvd maestro

this method should give you a 1.5/2 hour movie in full d1 with ac3 on a 80/90 min cd-r