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22nd March 2007, 14:53

am currently trying to remove the English menu on the German PAL DVD 'Klick'. There are two menus: German + English. There is no language unit menu where you can chose either german or english.

So it depends on the Player's setting which menu is started.

The thing is: both menus occupy alomost 1GB. This is way too much for my DVD backup as I am trying to keep the Director's comment and some extras. So I'd like to completely strip or blank the english menu.

I tried using PGCEdit's 'Jump to PGC Upon DVD Insert'. This does work so far, the DVD will always start with the german menu no matter the player's default setting. However, when I now (in the main menu) click on Subtitles or Audio Setup and chose whatever setting, I will then end up in the English menu (instead of the desired german menu), but only if the player is set to english. On a german player it works just fine.

Help is very much appreciated. I will attach the .ifo's and hope someone is bothered to take a look at them. :)

-VTSM1 PGC's 8-33 is the english menu. (23-29 are used by
both menus -> scene selection)
-VTSM2 PGC's 6-20 is the german menu.

22nd March 2007, 18:36
This much you already know; when you first setup your dvd player, you have chosen German as the language of choice.

Without going further with the how & why PGCedit displays menus incorretly, here is the solution to your backup strategy:

Sony's notorious(lately) for cramming multi language menus, english, french, spanish, thai, korean, chinese.......

You need to use VOBblanker to reduce the 1gig menu size. I am afraid you have to preview, confirm & blank each of the pgcs when inside VOBlanker. It will warn you that you are blanking cell with buttons, go ahead & do it. Your dvd player with play the defaulted Deutch menus. :p

22nd March 2007, 22:21
As per mpucoder's announcement (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=50765), we won't be able to allow the IFOs to be attached vwpassion, but can help you.

One of the things I do in this situation is to look at the various menu languages and find PGCs that "correspond" to English. In PgcEdit, I look at the cells that make up the English PGC and then change the cells in the corresponding foreign PGC. After this is done, I call FixVTS (current domain) to clean up and reclaim space.

Another thing that is strange, is that if your player is set up properly, then typically, it should pick out the English language menus. There is usually a gprm that holds the language selection (or default). A trace in PgcEdit will find what is what and you can set the gprm in the relevant PGCs.