View Full Version : Announcing SleepyTime - Keep Your Computer From Being Annoying At Night

7th March 2007, 08:19
I'd like to introduce to the world a little program I made to keep my computer from annoying when I run it at night in my bedroom.

Since many operations take a long time to do, it can get annoying when you're being kept awake at 4 PM by the whir of your computer's fans while wondering if your task is done, or just too lazy to turn it off.
Another problem I had was my monitor would turn back on by itself once in a while - very very annoying when trying to sleep.

Anyways, you can use my freeware program SleepyTime to

Make your computer sleep, hibernate, turn off, or log off after a certain period of time.
Make your monitor turn off every 30 seconds or so.

until doom9 hosts it... Download here (http://www.sharhon.com/hosted_files/Sleepytime.exe)

SleepyTime is just a batch script at heart... it should take like 0.001% of your CPU power once a second. I couldn't find a way to batch script in auto-sleep when your CPU goes below a certain usage level of usage for a certain time (i.e. when your task is done!).
As it is, I hope it makes your life a little more pleasant. I know it has mine.