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5th March 2007, 23:26
MSU cumulative update info (new free video tools & filters):

1. MSU Smart Deblocking filter 0.8 released.
MSU Smart Deblocking 0.8 change log:
Improved block preprocessing algorithm
Improved main deblocking algorithm
The processing improves the PSNR quality metric of uncompressed and the processed videos
Speed and memory optimization, in comparison with the version 0.5:
without preprocessing - up to 2.7 times faster
with preprocessing - up to 2.4 times faster
Real-time processing of 2*CIF video
Simple user interface
Removed the "directional filtration" option
Fixed problem with yellow hue of the processed video

2. MSU Screen Capture Codec 1.2 released.
16-bit video supported now

3. MSU Motion Estimation filter 0.5 released. (filter for effects for beginners and motion analysis for pro's)

4. MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool 1.4 released.
Bug fixing in BMP processing (visualization saving, etc)

5. MSU Cartoonizer 3.0 released
New visualization - Filled Segments Rendering

Enjoy! :)