View Full Version : Interleaving and AVI-Overhead & AUDIO A ?

29th December 2001, 10:34

(ok, no more dbl-postings ;))

but I've a new question:
In Gknot u have the setting "Interleaving and AVI-Overhead" and the setting "Audio A (and B)"

In "Interleaving and AVI-Overhead" I work with "1x vbr-mp3", so, do I need any settings in the "Audio A" now?

If I work with Interleaving..., is it necessary to work with Audio A, too? Or do I need just the setting "1x vbr-mp3" and leave the "Audio A" at 0 kpbs?

The FX Files
29th December 2001, 12:18
The "Audio A" is the place to write the bitrate/occupied space used by the audio. This is to inform GordianKnot how many kbps to reserve for audio.