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29th December 2001, 08:41
Gday All
iam having some problems multiplexing the audio in Commando, PAL version. Now, smartipper reports a delay of 1483 ms, which ive verified is correct. I enter this value into virtualdub, but when i playback the movie all that comes out of my AC3 amp is a digital squeel. I try multiplexing it with 0ms delay and it plays fine (but not synched). Anyone have any ideas or suggestion? All my other movies with small delays like 66ms or 120ms work fine, its this large delay which is causing a problem.


29th December 2001, 08:45
Sorry, i forgot to mention, the soundtrack is a AC3 track with a bitrate of 192.

29th December 2001, 19:03
I had something similar on the BladeRunner backup I made, very high delay. You didn't mention your interleave settings. Also, what sound card are you using? What player are you using?

EDIT- I assume you are using SPDIF with a coax or optical cable?

30th December 2001, 03:56
Yep, iam using a SBLIVE Value with Coax cable. I have done many AC3 Rips, and never have had any trouble like this before, my amp decodes the AC# stream just fine. I use DVD-Reaper to encode, and use its default interleave settings

Preload 500ms / Interleave every 1ms

The player is Zoomplayer, but it doesnt really matter since the Directshow filters are doing all the work. Same thing happened in Media Player. They all use the Intervideo filter.

The only other thing iam thinking of doing is using Virtualdub to trim the delay off the start of the movie.

30th December 2001, 04:08
I'm just guessing here, but maybe your pre-load has to be bigger than the delay?

I had the same problem once, but with a smaller delay. I think I tried different pre-load values (like 160/250/500) and got rid of the problem.