View Full Version : A way to delete subtiles in Scenarist without deleting the subtitles stream

3rd March 2007, 12:43

Is there a way to delete the subtitles already imported into a stream without deleting the stream?

I mean, I'd like to import some different ones but I don't want to delete this stream because I already have another streams below this one and if I delete this I can't insert it later and I have to delete all the streams and create all again.

Thanks in advance.

3rd March 2007, 15:25
Select the stream, right click on it and select "Remove all subpictures in stream". You will end with an empty stream. I think that this option begin with Scenarist 3.1 so if you have the 3.0 version I think you cannot do that in this way.

3rd March 2007, 16:28
Or you have the "long painfull" way: Zoom in at max and select a subtitle and press "del". Then do this for all the other subtitles within your stream.