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2nd March 2007, 18:13

I'm trying to re-encode a DVD to xvid using AutoGK but the DVD is split up into multiple VOB files, and AutoGK is only able to convert one at a time. Is there any way I can convert them all at once?


Mazer Rackham
2nd March 2007, 18:17
Load the *.IFO files into AutoGK instead of the *.VOBs.

2nd March 2007, 18:39
Load the *.IFO files into AutoGK instead of the *.VOBs.

Correct, but not any IFO file. Usually it is labelled "VTS_01_0.IFO"

Also you can load the 1st VOB file and AGK will recognize the followings, usually labelled "VTS_01_1.VOB"


3rd March 2007, 07:36
I don't think that works though. I just tried it and previewed and mplayer was showing "Resize: Source image too small for this resize method".

This isn't the usual VTS_01_x.VOB split, but rather, it's VTS_0x_y.VOB split. I think it's an interactive DVD

3rd March 2007, 09:32
Hi!I think it's an interactive DVDWhat is the Title and Region of the DVD?

4th March 2007, 15:24
I want to the same thing... The problem is that AutoGK will decode the vob files into individual xvid files. I think we both want to decode multiple vob files into one xvid file.

DVDCopy5 does this, but it freezes too many times and looking for an alternative way.

5th March 2007, 09:22
Read all about DGindex and DGMPGDec, and than read about using the latter in an avisynth script. Open that script in VirtualDub, and simply encode to your wishes. DGIndex lets you choose the VOB's to decode, so through the above method you can do what you want. If you know how to use the above tools, you can forget about AutoGK too ... and even get far, far more possibillities in the same time (through avisynth).

And actually ... the method I describe is exactly what AutoGK tries to automate for you (but without giving you full controll over the results).

7th March 2007, 08:12
WinAVI video converter (http://www.winavi.com/en/video-converter/video-converter.htm) is supposed to be what you are looking for. It can convert multi vob files into one xvid.

7th March 2007, 11:19
I still use Gordian Knot - after you load all the .VOB files into DGIndex and create your .d2v, it's treated like one file for encoding.