View Full Version : new tool beta - "MpegALot", a multi-threaded batch MPEG4 encoder

1st March 2007, 01:56
Hi all,

I have recently finished the first public beta of a new, open-source batch MPEG4 encoder and am seeking feedback from the community.

You may download it here:

Some info from the help doc (http://www.merage.uci.edu/~dvdotnet/mpegalot.html):


Note - this is a beta release and as such is bound to contain bugs. While I have tested it extensively and there are no outstanding bugs or missing features that I am aware of, public testing is bound to expose some flaws. Please contact me (jklint (!) merage (dot) uci (dot) edu) if you run across any bugs or have an idea for a "must-have" feature.

MpegALot has one purpose - to facilitate the encoding of large amounts of videos to the MPEG4+AAC format (for ipod, PSP, etc). It has several useful features that greatly simplify this task (bolded items are ones I find especially useful and/or have not found in any other batch MPEG4 encoders):

* Clean, unified, streamlined GUI that handles all the various "behind-the-scenes" open-source command-line encoding apps
* Encoding frontend is completely multithreaded and can take advantage of multicore/multiprocessor/hyperthreaded systems to greatly speed up batch encodes
* Accepts either files or folders as sources, and can apply custom filtering rules to specify only certain files/folders to encode
* Can recurse through source folders to encode all files in all subdirectories
* Output all encoded files to a single folder or to a directory relative to each source's path
* Preserve metadata from source to output files
* Multi-user aware, so multiple users can run different encoding jobs without interfering with each other
* AV presets and encoding jobs can be imported/exported as simple XML files for easy transfer between machines
* "Autorun" mode suitable for launching from the command-line or task scheduler
* Extensive logging mechanism and GUI for debugging errors or monitoring progress
* Can encode almost any file that is playable in Windows Media Player
* And so on...

System Requirements

Software - MpegALot requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime (freely downloadable through Windows Update or at http://www.microsoft.com) and AviSynth (freely download at http://avisynth.org/SourceForge). MpegALot was developed and tested using Windows XP and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005.

Hardware - How much RAM, CPU, hard disk space, etc do you need? As with all video encoding, the answer is "more than you have" :). The MpegALot GUI itself is not very resource-intensive (as far as .NET programs go, at least), but the encoding processes can heavily tax your machine. Some recommendations:

* For batch encoding, a multi-core machine (including multi-processor and hyperthreading) will speed up the encoding by allowing you to encode multiple files simultaneously
* The more files you encode simultaneously, the more RAM you need
* MpegALot uses the standard Windows temporary directory ("(your windows drive):\documents and settings\(your username)\application data\mpegalot"), so make sure that your Windows drive has sufficient free space to house the intermediate files. MpegALot does clean up after itself so for the most part you should never have to clear out the temp directory manually.