View Full Version : How Do I Burn Standard Mpeg Files Onto A DVD?

25th February 2007, 22:22
I've got a batch of Pat Benatar Music Video Mpegs that I want to burn onto a DVD and play them on a 'stand alone' DVD player. Nero Vision express starts to burn them but keeps getting stuck - mouse pointer's not moving so I guess I could say it's more like a 'crash' than sticking.
Do these standard Mpegs have to be converted to Vob files?
What would you say is the best program to use to get mpegs onto a DVD that a 'stand alone' player can play? Any help would be much appreciated. :thanks:

25th February 2007, 22:29

Did you create them as DVD-compliant MPEGs?

If not, what are they? - MPEG-1s or MPEG-2s? What is the video resolution? What is the audio format? What is the audio bitrate?

25th February 2007, 23:01
They're MPEG-1s not sure about the other statistics - I'll check em out and post them here
Not sure about them being dvd compliant - it's just some MPEGS I downloaded from a music video newsgroup

25th February 2007, 23:03
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