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28th December 2001, 21:19
I use SBC and when it comes to audio i get problems. When selecting voblist a dospromt with stream.exe apears and then i I get a error message "Ligos Splitter seems to miss an audiostream! Use the aduioVob-optin in smartripper or use vobtools to delete first segment"
Graph edit fucks upp total so it looks like i have to go for the vob2audio technic.
Any ideas whats wrong...


31st December 2001, 00:16
Hi there.I can't really help you but I just wanted you to know that I had the same problem so I had to uninstall vob2audio although GRAPHEDIT's wave results where rather unsatisfactoty since the produced wave file had many little tiny pauses

31st December 2001, 17:24
I had the same problems.Try extracting the audio stream with DVD2AVI
Audio --> track number --> track 1 (or 2,3..)
Audio --> dolby Digital --> decode
File --> Save project as
DVD2AVI will give you the wave file.It works for me.

2nd January 2002, 20:01
as far as i know there is nothing you can do about this. it seems to be dvd dependant and i hate success with vob2audio around 60% of the time!!

i usually use smartripper of dvd2avi when i can't use vob2audio.

2nd January 2002, 21:34
It worked with the DVD2AVI method.... thanks... :)

3rd January 2002, 00:42
this problem is the ligos splitter which searches only 512 kb for audio streams. this is much too low, so I have patched the ligos splitter to a search-size of 25 mb.

Instructions :

1. download streams 2.6.9 :

2. copy the streams.exe into the vob2audio directory (overwriting the old version)

3. copy the ligos-splitter (mpeg2parser.ax) into your system-directory [overwriting the old version]. You do best, if you first deregister the old ligos-splitter [regsvr32 /s /u mpeg2parser.ax] then overwrite with the new one and register the new one [regsvr32 /s mpeg2parser.ax]

instead of point 3 you can also install my filter-pack 3.9.1 :

this is NOT a bug in vob2audio !