View Full Version : Best Way To Burn DivX-Files on CD

28th December 2001, 15:17
What do you think is the best way to burn your DivX-Files(Movie, Cover-Images, etc.) on CD?

I tried many things:

1) burn a MDVD CD
2) burn a bsplayer CD
3) organized the files in [video] [audio] [image] [extra] folders
4) put everything in the root directory

If I use another player though it's pretty akward to select the subtitles with 2) or 3).

The CD shouldn't be player dependent. The additional files should take up very little space.

3rd January 2002, 01:27
is have all the movie files (audio / subs / video) all on the root, and then have a seperate dir for the extras (and divx patchs and anything else)

7th January 2002, 12:19
One possible solution is to make a microDVD cd with ini and either make copy of the subtitles with a different name or name them sufficiently for DVobSub and refer to them in MicroDVD ini. Then put DVobSub files in a folder (not in root) that has a name different from "subtitles" (to prevent DVobSub from recognising them automatically). Then make a bat that creates a folder c:\subtitles and copies every sub file from your cd to c:\subtitles.

That way you could enjoy the advanced features of MicroDVD (chapters, multiple audio, multiple subtitles, menus) and stil keep the possibility to use subtitles with other players through DVobSub.