View Full Version : Problem Showing subs with DivXG400

28th December 2001, 14:56
When I do dual-audio DivX, I make 2 "pseudo avi's" with Graphedit, to allow me to launch the movie with one or the other of the Soundtracks.
I wanted to use DivXG400 to display the subs, but when I read this "pseudo-avi" the filter won't load the subs, are they named "Subtitles", the name of the original avi, or the name of the pseudo-avi. Is there a trick to make it work ?

28th December 2001, 15:50
I would guess the name of the psuado avi file.. Also why don't you just use Nandub to mux two audio tracks into the avi file.. And use like Morgan Stream Switcher to switch between them during playback.. and Some players like Zoom,PowerDivx,Sasami2k nativly support multple audios in one avi file so you don't need Morgan Stream Switcher filter anyway.

28th December 2001, 19:00
Well, ok, I know I can do it, but I would like to have these kinds of "launchers", to start immediatly to play the movie with the good soundtrack and the subtitles if necessary. It work perfectly using Dvobsub to display the subs, but I'd like to use DivXG400 instead, because of the "use leftover space for subtitles" great option.

29th December 2001, 03:22
I have never used DivxXG400 Filter since always used DirectVobSub. But it sounds like you can do the same thing as that option. by using the Extend to 4:3 option to put black bars on the bottem and then it puts the subs there instead of on the video.

29th December 2001, 11:37
Thanks a lot ! I never even tried this option !