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Trash Master
12th February 2007, 04:15
Hi guys. I like to capture cartoons from TV. I have been using ATI AIW's. I use S-Video. I do not use HD. I would like to know if S-Video is going to be the highest I can go. I been searching the net for capture cards with HDMI input and RGB inputs. I couldn't find any. If I'm not going to be capturing HD will a HDMI cap card be over kill? I just want to get the best possible picture I can out of my caps. Any input would be great. Thanks guys. TM

12th February 2007, 08:17

Even if you did have an HDMI capture card (blackmagic design makes one thats $$$), it would likely not work from your cable/sat box due to HDCP protection. Think macrovision on steroids, and even harder to get around! S-Video is the way to go unless you can afford like $800 for a component analog capture card. Blackmagic and AJA both make these, but they're designed for working with Betacam SP decks... so they would likely be overkill, especially considering what you would be capturing would be heavily compressed MPEG-2 to begin with :D

S-Video is good stuff!


Trash Master
13th February 2007, 01:21
ok thanks for the info.