View Full Version : Correct information about H264 Pulldown

11th February 2007, 18:39
Pulldown for H.264 it looks a bit different. Here you have to the framerate to the target framerate which is the effective framerate not the real framerate. So in opposite to MPEG the list looks like this:

24 fps => 30 fps = export 30fps pulldown 2:3
23.97 fps => 29.97 fps = export 29.97 fps pulldown 2:3
29.97 fps => 23.97 = export 23.97 fps pulldown 3:2
30 fps => 24 fps = export 24 fps pulldown 3:2

Now you will be able to set the film mode conversion to the correct pulldown and instead of a real framerate conversion you will only write the correct pulldown info to the stream.

These information i was received from support of Mainconcept AG, i hope this help much people here to add the correct pulldown information in H264 streams to be 100% compatible with Sonic Scenarist Advanced Content Authoring :)