View Full Version : Strange mess on analog video input

9th February 2007, 18:18
My setup: a composite video source (VHS), ATI VIVO card (Gigabyte X800), Athlon 4000+.

A week ago I successfully captured composite video with this setup. Then, suddenly maybe after a reboot or just after doing something else for a while the input picture had this terrible noise: green lines on top and bottom, purple noise, diagonal purple and green lines... I don't think I did anything, I haven't changed cables, installed software or anything I can think of.

Then, two days ago, after again doing nothing special, it just started working again. Picture was normal, no problems. I captured a little more. Now, today I have the same problem back again. Green and purple mess. This is visible also even if the VIVO breakout cable is not even connected to the ATI card. Also it happens on any program, eg. VirtualDub, SightSpeed etc.

It is not due to overheating of ATI, since I've tried right after booting up in the morning, at 30'C degrees temperature.

I thought the card was broken the first time, but since it started working again, it would suggest the card is not broken. What should I try? Or is it simply broken and acting erratically?

9th February 2007, 20:06
All right, I just managed to fix it. It was a NTSC/PAL switching problem after all. I don't understand why the picture is broken even if the cable is off, but in any case: changing from NTSC to PAL the problem went away.

I don't have any idea what changed it automatically before. I did not touch it. And I didn't even look for the switch because I read somewhere that NTSC/PAL switch doesn't exist on as an ATI input setting.

Well, it does exist and it is under Video / Capture filter in VirtualDub.