View Full Version : SVCD with subtittles and chapters

Antonio S.
27th December 2001, 23:21
Does someone knows how to do SVCD's with subtittles and chapters?

1-To do chapters I had been using a program call TSCV.

2-To do subtitles I can use subrip, then multiplex text file with video and audio. Created MPS file can be use to create cif(adaptec) image. This work Ok but with no chapters. I try to convert MPS file to MPG using "mpegXmps" but this new MPG file cannot be use correctly in TSCV (it says "fix mpeg"). Any ideas?

Antonio S.

28th December 2001, 10:36
Specifically, vcdxbuild. Do some reading, I saw in dvd2svcd(where I got the inspiration to dig deeper) that it uses xml files to script the creation, kinda cool.


Antonio S.
28th December 2001, 20:41
Vcdxbuild does not accept MPEG files with subtitles....:(

28th December 2001, 20:51
Maybe you can shed some light!
How does dvd2svcd do it. Although that program is cool, I kinda like to do it myself for fun/learning...

How does it do 'em then?


29th December 2001, 03:30
Dvd2svcd uses 0.7.12 of VCDXBuild which i dont' belive is released yet.. but he got permission from the developer to use it since it does accept svcd subs.

Antonio S.
29th December 2001, 22:14

Thank you very much for the information!!!

I just download last version of dvd2svcd where VcdXbuild ver. 7.12 is included. I install ver. 7.12 in TSCV folder, and now it accepts MPEG files with sub. So I can make SVCD's with chapters and subtitles...:)

Antonio S.