View Full Version : CX2388x line timing

4th February 2007, 04:07
Has anyone come across a Windows XP compatible CX2388x driver that has decent PAL line scaling and if so, can you provide a link to it? All the drivers I've tried are usually way out and return something like 683 samples as 720.

4th February 2007, 11:01
I don't know of any drivers that can do that, but try the program I posted here (scroll down to the 3rd post or so):


Basically it sets the registers on the capture card to the defaults from the CX2388x datasheet. I've tested the NTSC defaults using arachnotron's test DVD and a Pioneer DV-343 DVD player and it gave an absolutely perfect 53.333us capture window (the captured pixels corresponded 1:1 with the DVD pixels without any shifting left or right).

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Just a little bit more information. I use an MSI TV@nywhere Master with a CX23883 and also get ~683 pixels or so using the MSI drivers. This program fixes that. Unfortunately, you're going to have to use it every time you capture something as it's only a temporary fix (the drivers automatically reset the registers before and after every capture). It also has a button for PAL defaults, just in case you haven't read the link yet.

4th February 2007, 22:05
Try using Dscaler. www.dscaler.org

It doesn't need a driver since it connects to the hardware directly.

5th February 2007, 01:06
How is dscaler's audio / video capture sync these days?

7th February 2007, 17:43
It works fine for me.

I just encode to Huffyuv and it looks great.