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31st January 2007, 01:10
Hi everyone

Got a question about ripping TV episodes from a DVD.

I want to rip the episodes at max quality so was thinking of just ripping the VOB files of each episode in IFO mode in DVD Decrypter.
Then I could burn all the episodes onto a DVD disc as data, then just play the VOB files if I ever needed.

1) Is that a sensible practice?
I'd rather fit all the VOB files onto 1 Dual Layer DVD than copying 5 Dual Layer DVDs.

2) In theory then with the VOB files of the episodes, I could then reconstruct a DVD video by authoring it myself using the VOB files?

I tried doing that with one of them now (and stripped out the other audio / subtitle streams) and got an IFO file and a Stream Information file.

3) Can I delete the IFO and Stream Information files or are they needed for the VOB file to work properly?

4) On a different issue...
I have found some DVDs (more recent ones) that DVD Decrypter can't handle - I end up getting loads of yellow exclamation icon warning lines appearing in the log window one after the other as it tries to process the DVD.
Is that because the copy protection on that disc is something that DVD Decrypter cannot handle?
As far as I was aware there's been no updates to DVD Decrypter since v3.5.4.0

Any other comments / suggestions?


31st January 2007, 03:45
Hi!I have found some DVDs (more recent ones) that DVD Decrypter can't handleWhat are the specific Titles?

31st January 2007, 04:03
Hi!What are the specific Titles?

One title was Batman Begins, Region 2 UK PAL.
The rip was going fine until a certain percentage then hundreds of consecutive errors started appearing.

One error that appeared at the start when the disc was initialised in DVD Decrypter was, "Possible structure protection found".

I used DVDFab for any ripping of 'stubborn' movies like this.

31st January 2007, 04:05
Try ripping your DVD(s) using the easy to use "RipIt4me" package (Incorporates RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, FixVTS, and DVD Shrink). You can download this excellent freeware from:


While you're at that site, read the excellent "how to" tutorial...

31st January 2007, 04:09
Cool link. Thanks!
Do the other tools give me the option to process certain streams or only select certain VTS/PGC segments like DVD Decrypter?

I usually don't just "backup" DVDs as such, but take the movie and encode to a different format etc.

Any info / ideas on my other 3Qs above?


31st January 2007, 04:36
Yes, your technique of storing VOB's on disc and burning as a playable DVD later will work. I used to do it more, so it's been a while, but I'm pretty sure I used Ifo Edit to do it. Search the forum on this and you'll find good instructions. It's easy with instructions. Question #3- I ripped them in File mode as opposed to IFO; I didn't have to remove or add anything.

9th February 2007, 00:25
So do I need the IFO files for each VOB to later burn back as a DVD?
I can't just burn a collection of VOB files to a disc?

To be honest, I'll probably never bother burning back as DVD video, and just keep them as VOB files.