View Full Version : bug in BeSweetGUI

27th December 2001, 08:20
I tried it again and saved the settings (I'm in the expert mode). When I closed BeSweetGUI and open it again, the settings are not there. When I opened expert.ini, my settings were saved but it's not showing in the GUI Expert mode tab.

Even when the my settings is not showing on the Expert Mode tab, I tried batch conversion (Expert mode is showing at this time). I drag an .ac3 file and started the conversion. BeSweet still uses the the settings from the azid and lame tabs.

Also, it would be really nice if can manually put in custom parameters in a seperate field. Razorlame has this features that checking the box, lame will only use the parameters in the field and nothing else.

27th December 2001, 17:42
1. I Added it to the Bugs List and Will Take Care of it as Soon as I Can.

2. Every GUI Screen Has a Manual Line TextBox.


28th December 2001, 15:23
Thank you :)