View Full Version : Capturing audio in video-2 channels but playback on 1

21st January 2007, 18:23
I'm not very familiar with audio encoding and capturing procedures but I have a problem here I can't quite figure out.

I'm capturing video along with audio from multiple sources with my ATI Theater 550 Pro and Creative 5.1 Live! gamer card. I'm using VirtualVCR to capture but this may not concern it specifically. I wasn't able to get the audio input of this ATI card to work at all so I started capturing audio with my line-in on the sound card. (And line-in SHOULD be stereo, yes?) I'm using a 2-RCA to mini-din audio connector cable to go from the RCA outs on the playback devices to the line-in on the sound card, yet I'm noticing only 1 speaker is outputting the sound. I've tried with 2 different cables and the same thing. And this is just through the OS with no program running (line-in unmuted) and I get this result. Setting VirtualVCR to capture stereo, my resulting videos that were captured then display stereo 2 channels but again playback on 1 speaker (1 channel?).

Is the issue here with the line-in of the soundcard? Anyone heard of this before?

EDIT: I figured out what my problem was. Turns out I was going from a 2 channel RCA adapter to a mini din audio extension cable which only had leads for 1 channel. I didn't pay close enough attention to the cables I used thus only 1 channel was being captured. I've learned my lesson with this experience.