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20th January 2007, 16:15

Currently, I have a ATI AIW 8500(bought in Canada), I am planning to buy a 'PAL' VHS player and connect it to my AIW to capture PAL VHS tape. Would it work? Should I buy a capture card that would accept both PAL and NTSC signal and a PAL VHS player? Please advice.

I only have a few PAL tapes, what I want is to convert the tapes to DVDs and the most important reason, is to keep the content in RAW format for storage and future conversion. Am I un-reasonable?

I do not like the idea of sending the tapes out for conversion, since it may get damaged or lost in transit.:D

My PC is a AMD X2 4600 with 2 gig of ram, I think it should have enough power to the work.

:thanks: for your time

6th November 2007, 17:55
I'm looking for answers to the same questions. I have some rare PAL VHS tapes and I'd like to capture them.

I'm in the USA, so I assume I'd first need to get a PAL VCR. I see several available on Ebay, but know nothing about the quality.

I have an ATI AIW 9600 and I'm very proficient in capturing NTSC video and converting it to DVD. No problems there.

But I'm wondering if my 9600 will handle the PAL output of the PAL VCR or will I need something in between? I do own a DataVideo TBC-1000
as well if that will help, not sure.

Anybody ever done this particular capture combination before?

zilog jones
21st November 2007, 17:09
Any capture card I've seen has been able to capture pretty much any format (except PAL 525/60 a lot of the time, though that's not a problem for you), however I haven't dealt with the ATI stuff personally.