View Full Version : BeSweet, BeSweetGUI and Lame alt presets

26th December 2001, 14:06
How do I implement Lame's alt presets to BeSweet/BeSweetGUI in batch mode?


26th December 2001, 17:37
Alt presets aren't supported yet but --r3mix is implemented. Several people are working on getting the Alt Presets implemented in the LAME DLL. For now just use --r3mix or encode your audio seperately were you can use the Alt Presets.

26th December 2001, 18:09
um, go to advanced mode and enter all your commands there..
i belive there's already lame.dll w/ dibrom's presets

26th December 2001, 19:37
the alt presets are either in the lame.dll or there is a version hacked by dibrom around somewhere that supports them. Just go to the advanced mode and type in the preset command and that should do it.


27th December 2001, 01:44
Well I already did that but when I go back to the BeSweet setting, it still showing the setting from the Lame tabs not the one I typed in the Expert Mode tab.

Any suggestions/advice? Thanks :)

27th December 2001, 01:56
I tried it again and saved the settings (I'm in the expert mode). When I closed BeSweetGUI and open it again, the settings are not there. When I opened expert.ini, my settings were saved but it's not showing in the GUI Expert mode tab.

Even when the my settings is not showing on the Expert Mode tab, I tried batch conversion (Expert mode is showing at this time). I drag an .ac3 file and started the conversion. BeSweet still uses the the settings from the azid and lame tabs.

27th December 2001, 08:00
throw the bug up as a new post so that people pay attention to it.