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26th December 2001, 11:33

Shouldn't it be possible to mux my subtitles files with the movies. Then you wouldn't have the subtitles separately. I know that you can have TWO Wav-files in an avi file. Why shouldn't you then have 1 or 2 subtitle files in an avi?

26th December 2001, 12:52
You can currently do this.. Rip the subtitiles out with SubRip to a .srt file and then use SubMux that comes with VobSub and mux that into your Avi files.. Then have DirectVobSub installed and it will play back the subtitiles out of the avi file. But it only works with srt files. and i am not sure how many you can have.. never tried it with more then 1 but that don't mean it can't support more then that..

26th December 2001, 15:18
Schultz, i have been reading the subtitles forum for some time, and i see that YOU ARE THE MAN when regarding to subtitles :)
One question about muxing subtitles: i have a lot of subtitles in microdvd format. It is possible to convert them to srt with subadjuster (i believe that this is the program's name), and then mux them to the avi?
And another question, is necessary to have DirectVobSub installed after doing the muxing? When i do a conversion with gnot, i always choose to have the subtitles in the avi. Then I open the avi in bsplayer and the subtiltes automaticaly apear in the movie.

27th December 2001, 03:58
If subadjuster will convert them to srt then you should be able to mux them with no problems.. i haven't worked with it as i have never created or used a MicroDVD subtitle file. And yes if you mux a srt file into an Avi you need DirectVobSub installed.. It is the only DirectShow filter or Player that i know of that supports Gabest Muxed in Subtitiles at the moment. And when you select Subtitles in the Avi file through GKnot you are actually burning them into the picture so they are now a part of the video.. Mux subtitles allows you to switch the subtitles on and off during play back.. Also they look nicer and don't get noise around the text.

27th December 2001, 09:58
Schultz, thanks for your help. Just one more question, srt isn't subrip format, is it?
One other thing :) If i choose, when doing a dvd conversion in gnot, to keep the subtitles not permanently in the movie, i end up with 3 files, one of them with about ~30 meg. But my subtitle files are only about ~60kb in size. It seems to me that it would a lot better not to keep the subtitles files ripped form the dvd and search the net for the subtitle that i need for that movie. I wouldn't have all the languages, but normally i only need the portuguese subtitle, or if not available the english one.

27th December 2001, 14:24
Yes srt is SubRip's own format. And yes when using VobSub to rip the subtitles out it copies the image from the Vob files.. so basically it is copying the subtitle stream out of the vob files into its own file. this is why it takes up about 30 megs and the srt file is only pure txt not images.. Also Gabest has support for raring the .sub file.. and generally you can compress a 1meg file down to about 200-300k haven't done a full movie for a while work with anime.. Also you don't have to rip out every subtitle stream on the top where you have languages in Vobsub just keep the one language you wish on the right side and move the rest to the left.. this will make the .sub file smaller since it don't copy all the streams. But the advantage to useing these 3 files is if the subs have some italic fonts or different font settings that change when others talk or what not this will be perserved instead of it showing the same font for all the subs as with a srt sub file.

31st December 2001, 05:22
I muxed my avi with the .srt ... but the sound and the video now move at a fast speed making the video seem like its being fast forwarded when in play. Any reasons why this is? I need help.. thanks.

31st December 2001, 08:13
what is the avi encoded in? i don't see why this would happen.. if you have knowledge of Graphedit you can do this manually with the graphs.. but having a Avi/Wav Source and a Subtitle Source then run it into a AVI Muxor and then to a File write graph and test it through there since esentually this is the same thing SubMux does is use DirectShow filters to mux everyhting together.

1st January 2002, 17:04
I've got a small problem with subtitles too. I've used SubRip to generate a .srt file from a DVD movie. I have that movie as an avi encoded with DivX4 and have tried to mux them with submux. However it only creates a 200kb avi output file and is done muxing in about half a second. Any idea what's wrong here?

1st January 2002, 18:48
OK, two things everybody must know about multiplexing mp3 into avi:

1. It isn't possible to multiplex VBR mp3 into avi using directshow. If you try it then the output will be desynchronized. (well I'm not completly sure, but it looks so)

2. Nandub can produce a playable avi with vbr mp3, but it will be useless for further processing.


3. If nandub inputs the audio as pure mp3 without the wave header then submux will output that n*100kb file.

1st January 2002, 20:09
Thanks for that info. I just retried muxing subtitles using the avi file which didn't have audio muxed in yet and that worked. :)

5th January 2002, 21:43
What about ABR MP3? Thats what i use when encoding my divx movies.
Thanks in advance