View Full Version : Frame drop steady no matter resolution.

26th December 2001, 01:36
I have a AsusV8200 GF3T200 on a P4 1500mhz/512/W2k and im trying to capture from a digital tuner. (Also tried from VCR)
No matter if i use VirtualDub or Premiere 6. I get 10% frames droped.
I have tried to use many resolutions even as low as 160x120. I have tried on the fly to divx and no compression. But no matter what i lose aprox 10% of my frames??? Any hints would b apreciated.

UnO:( :confused: :mad:

27th December 2001, 08:59
This seems to be a common problem with ASUS's drivers. With the correct version of them, you may be able to solve the problem. If you read through older posts in the forum, you should find plenty of information.


30th December 2001, 05:06
i have exacly the same prob, and i have tryed everything (i think nway) i have tryed both Asus And Nvidia WDM drivers but out of luck :/

sometimes i hate ASUS!


31st December 2001, 19:46
Please check that your using nVIDIA/ASUS Drivers version 1.4h and above. Earlier drivers will result in frame drops or buggy video with a white bar across the screen....Link follows.

nVIDIA: nVIDIA Drivers from Gainward (ftp://ftp.gainward.com/Vga/Driver/Nvidia/Wdm/Wdm-1.06.zip)
Nvidia Updated Drivers (http://www.nvidia.com) Now has WDM Drivers 1.08 for their "Personal Cinema" release.

If you experience problems with this link simpy visit ftp.gainward.com/Vga/Driver/Nvidia/Wdm/ for the drivers. Asus website should also have these drivers.