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26th December 2001, 00:27
Hi Everybody!

I have encoded The Patriot using the AC3 stream that dvd2avi gave me.
Soft Encode tells me that it is a 5.1 AC3 stream and when playing the original DVD i can hear all the 6 channels. Nevertheless after encoding and playing the avi with Power DivX NG and installed audio filters from doom9 i can hear only the L, R, l, R and Sub, but no Center channel. I want to have the original 5.1 channels, but it doesnt seem to work.
What can i do?

Thanks for ur help.


26th December 2001, 11:10
....i think maybe it is a problem with the playback filters. But if that is the case what sense does it make to encode a divx with ac3 stream when u dont even get the original 5.1 Dolby Digital sound in the avi? Is there maybe another way to playback ac3 avis without the playback filters?

How do u encode divx with ac3 stream?



26th December 2001, 16:49
How are you trying to decode the AC3 stream? Sending it by SPDIF to a decoder, or with a 5.1 sound card?

I send the signal by SPDIF to my external decoder and it works fine. All channels playing.

BTW: Locutus, as in maker of MicroDVD Player? If so, where can I get version 1.3?

26th December 2001, 17:35
You might also try a different player such as BSplayer. Make sure your outputting your audio to SPDIF to your amp.

Also, make sure your using WaveOut and not Direct Sound.

27th December 2001, 12:41
I am using using SB Audigy Platinum ex, which is supposed to decode the AC3 stream into 6 seperate channels and so the 5 speakers and the subwoofer are directly pluged in the SB, without any S/PDIF connection. This works fine with all the DVDs i've played. I am using the S/PDIF output of my DVD drive which is connected to the SB.
Now i am trying some other players.
Thanks for ur help so far.


P.S.: Donno where to get the MicroDVD Player 1.3, if it is not available on doom9.

27th December 2001, 22:21
i've now tried BSplayer and it works fine, as this player uses offiously the AC3 filters of WinDVD. Thanks so far, i am really happy! :D

Nevetheless i still wonder about two things:

1st: Why do the audio filters from doom9's download section not support a proper playback of AC3 avis within the WMP? The thing is that playback works, but that the center channel is mixed into the other channels..... :confused:

2nd: Although Power DivX NG is said to be "specialized in AVI/AC3" (quote from doom9 download section) it does also not play the avi/ac3 correctly. It's the same as above. :mad:

Well, finally it works now, so thanks 4 all ur help, especially to to providers and authors of this forum. :)


27th December 2001, 22:55
Glad you have it working finally.

I'm not sure why the filters don't work for you in WiMP to be honest. I never used WiMP for any of my DivX needs so I'd be guessing.

Secondly, PowerDivX has the makings to be the best player aaround with all of it's features but problems exist with playback. For the time being I don't use it anymore because of the playback sync issues. I've been hoping for awhile that a new version will come out and fix the bugs.

Thirdly, BSplayer has always worked with AC3 for me and has nice features so I stick with it.