View Full Version : Gstreamer available on Windows

5th January 2007, 23:02
I've fixed gstreamer 0.10 so that it compiles on Windows, using MinGW. That code is only in cvs right now. It will be avaiable with Gstreamer 0.10.12 and Gst-Plugins-Base 0.10.12.

Two plugins, based on directdraw and directsound were not compiled by default. One can compile them now. They are in Gst-Plugins-Bad (cvs). The next release (0.10.5) will package them.

I've tried them and video as well as sound are working (though directsound plugin seems to have some bugs).

right now, gstreamer and gst-plugins-base (with external plugins : ogg, vorbis, theora and libvisual) compile flawlessly.

the other packages (gst-plugins-(good, bad, ugly) do not compile wihout some fixes.