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24th December 2001, 15:51
Im using VOBSUB to display my subtitle. My movie is NAME.AVI and my subtitle is NAME.SUB. The problem is that I wanna use 2 subtitle languages on VOBSUB. How can I creat one file with these 2 subtitles or there is another way to do that ?

24th December 2001, 16:00
i am not sure if this pertains to .sub files but you might want to try NAMe.Lang.sub and see if it loads both of them then.. but not sure if this will work if it is a VobSub ripped .sub file.. but worth a shot.

DJ Bobo
26th December 2001, 15:50
Well, if you mean sub-files made by VobSub, then it is no problem to have as many subs as you want. There will be all packed in one sub-file!
Just choose the subs you want in the configuration window (see attachement).

For "normal" sub-files, you don't need VobSub, just open your movie in BSPlayer and it will be loaded automatically without any plugin. If it is not loaded automatically, you may open the menu and load them manually