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24th December 2001, 06:53
hi all

I did a frameserve from dvd2avi project-vdub-tmpg with resizing and vobsub. I read the tutorial but I think I misunderstood it: when I open the vobsub filter and add the IFO, I get this small screen where I press the "All-->" button. Nothing happens but I see the languages names on the upper side of the dilalog box. I approve, it indexes and I choose the proper language from the combo-box and let it go. I've done that twice (same movie - "GO") and got the same result each time so I guess the problem is with me :)

What is supposed to happen after I press the "all" button? I got the correct language (it wasn't synched, but it was the proper language) so I guess it used the correct data stream? am I wrong here?

Please explain this vobsub thing...

incase it interest you - the movie is "GO", region 2 and the subs are hebrew. I have PII350 with 256 mb on W2K.

and while I am here :) can I use an existing .sub/smi/srt/whatever to encode?

thanks in advance


24th December 2001, 08:37
the VobSub plugin don't accept anything but the ifo/idx/sub files to encode burnt in subtitles. BUt during playback you can use Srt/smi/sub files with DirectVobSub. But you thing about hitting all is the different lists show which subs to rip.. the list on the top is to select languages.. the right box is for lauages selected to rip and left box is for languages either not availiable or ones that you don't wish to rip.. as for the Bottom it is same setup except for dealing with Vob / Cell id's to select which ones you wish to rip. And if you are having Sync problems. Load the idx file up in SubResync and use this to correct your problems like if they are all X amount of seconds off.

24th December 2001, 15:12
thanks for the explanation...

regarding directVobSub - my intention is to frameserve the movie to tmpg to make a VCD so it doesnt help me in that case - I thought I could use an existing srt/sub with the avi I frameserve to tmpg... but I will try the resynch thing and see if I can make it this time...
thank again,