View Full Version : Capturing SVHS to PC from a Sony CCD-TRV608 - how?

24th December 2006, 13:54
OK, so I have an ASUS EAX1600XT Silent ATI based video card. It comes with an adapter you plug in for S-Video In/Out and Composite In/Out. So I plug my S-Video cable into the input. Next I open up the panel on the front of my camcorder and plug the S-Video cable into there (it's S-Video out). I was hoping, and thought it logical, that now my PC would be able to capture stuff from the camcorder - especially when I was playing a tape of recorded material. I was wrong. I've tried a few different pieces of video capture software but all of them say there is no source. Virtual Dub, Virtural VCR, and another one I forget the name of. So here's my question... How do I get this to work? I want to play stuff and record stuff from the Camcorder and transfer it to my PC. I do not want to USB stream because of the 320x240 resolution limitation. I am assuming this will be bypassed if I use the S-Video hookup, and if not I still want to try it anyway. How do I capture the stuff coming into my video card from my camcorder? I now that the data is going into the video card from the Camcorder as all the connections are correct, but the PC is not seeing it (I'm running Windows XP). I want to make the PC recognize that there is data coming in through the S-Video channel on my video card. How do I do this? Oh and I'm running the Omega build of the Catalyst drivers.

I would greatly appreciate your help -
- Deathbliss

12th January 2007, 15:45
I wasn't aware that the EAX1600XT had VIVO capabilities. It does have "AVIVO", but I am not certain that includes video capture.

Frank Russo

12th January 2007, 19:11
You might not be able to use the Omega drivers. IIRC, those custom drivers are optimized for 3d performance among other tweaks, and that might include stripping out the VIVO functionality.

Try using Media Player Classic to see if you can get anything at all. Open it up, and go to file -> open device. You should see it in the 'video' pulldown menu. If you can click ok and get video, then you're good to go. You can use something like VirtualDub or VirtualVCR to capture into an AVI. Make sure you capture at full NTSC 720x480 @ 29.97i.

Connecting through S-Video should bypass the USB streaming circuits (I assume they output low resolution MPEG 2 as is the case with some of Sony's DV Cameras?). You will get full 400+ line NTSC analog video.

Once you get your AVI (I suggest huffyuv video and uncompressed PCM audio), you can encode to MPEG-2 and make a DVD, or encode to DV and drop it into an editor like Premiere. Cedocica is a really nice DV codec :)