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24th December 2001, 04:37
:( hi
im doing my first 2cd movie
i have been changing my bitrate e.g 1100,,1905,,2015,, 2500,,and my movie file comes out at 655meg any ideas why?
it is a music dvd 90min long it looks good at 655meg but i think it could look better is there something i can do with my min&max Quantizer settings to improve the @uality and bring my file size up?
cheers DAZ

24th December 2001, 05:59
Hi-It looks as if you've maxed out file size with the settings you've used. You could increase the resolution as perhaps the easiest way to boost file size. Or remove the filters, use Bicubic Resize, increase audio quality, etc. Or just burn it to 1 CD. If you had used Gordian Knot, you would have known before reencoding all those times.

24th December 2001, 11:02
Thanks for your repley
yea i was thinking along those lines.
true it was a bit of wasted time
but hay im learning day by day;) ]
cheers DAZ