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22nd December 2001, 23:05
Pardon me if I act somewhat stupid here but how do I get BeSweet to process a number of VOBs instead of one? I tried the SmartRipper .LST format as input file and that didn't fly (apparently coudn't interpret it).

Then I looked at 'Example.LST' in the BeSweet zip and that sure doesn't look like it would combine multiple VOBs.

So how do you extract from multiple VOBs -> MP2?

And yes - I read the guide.

22nd December 2001, 23:12
Originally posted by 24hourloop
The LST file is correct.

show me the list !
and what version of BeSweet are you using ?

22nd December 2001, 23:16
I use version 0.81. I use the SmartRipper fromat LST file.

It looks like this:


I see that this doesn't match the Example.lst file but Example.lst doesn't show me how to take multiple VOBs and generate ONE MP2.

I am missing something here, I know.

Please note that I edited my previous post.

22nd December 2001, 23:23
1) make a list in BeSweet's list format :
-core( -input J:\xyz\vts_03_1.vob )
-core( -input J:\xyz\vts_03_2.vob )
-core( -input J:\xyz\vts_03_3.vob )
-core( -input J:\xyz\vts_03_4.vob )

2) Download BeSweet v0.9beta (http://dspguru.tripod.com/BeSweetv0.9.zip) that suPports SmartRippers' List.

23rd December 2001, 00:32
Very good. I downloaded 0.9 and that appears to do the trick. It works fine if I extract substream 0x80. (I didn't let the whole thing complete but it appeared to work fine).

When I tried to extract substream 0x81 (and there is a track 2, I extracted it using DVD2AVI) it died after a few seconds (it started extraction, though). Track 2 is only 2 Channel (not 5.1).

Does that mean anything? I guess this isn't even part of your code but somewhere in Azid. I played a bit with the Azid options with little success.

Anyhow, this is a neat tool. Now that SmartRipper generates the D2V file on the fly there really isn't a need to run it through DVD2AVI at all (using BeSweet).

It would be able to use DS (which I prefer to the downmix).

If you need a smaple of the failing data I can probably get it to you (if you have broadband).

23rd December 2001, 00:43
if you succed with azid, post here more info.

what would be the size of the failing data ?

24th December 2001, 00:12
Took me a bit to get to this. After all, it's Xmas :) .

I tried both of the following:

a.) Demux with BBDMUX and feeding it into AZID. Worked fine.
b.) Demux using DVD2AVI and feeding it into AZID. Worked fine.

Both times I used subchannel 0x81.

Then I ran BeSweet on subchannel 0x81 and after a brief start it dies. (As I said, no problems with subchannel 0x80).

I ran it against a VOB of 1GB. I can truncate the thing if this helps.

One more question: Does BeSweet take the audio offset of the AC3 substream into consideration?

24th December 2001, 00:16
can you post a slice of the ac3 file you demuxed ? (use ac3 split or something..)

One more question: Does BeSweet take the audio offset of the AC3 substream into consideration?
(ATM) no. that should be taken care on Vdub or Ndub.

24th December 2001, 00:35
AC3split? Having a little trouble locating this util.

Can you help?

As for the offset - I am going to SVCD and can compensate for that when muxing. Does BeSweet spitt the offset out somewhere?

24th December 2001, 00:42
i once wrote a splitter, but you can try this (http://www.doom9.org/Soft21/Files/Audio/AviAc3Split.zip).

as for offset calculation - not offered at the moment.

24th December 2001, 06:01
AVIAC3SPLIT requires an AVI input file. Not sure what to specify there. It is not clear to me what it spits out, either.

I can just truncate the file with a filesplitter. Will that do?

24th December 2001, 09:52
split it anyway you like, (Even a plain binary split), i will "fix" the file afterwards.

26th December 2001, 21:12
I posted the file but the post has disappeared. The file was 1MB, but the server said it would accept 1MB. Should I try again?

26th December 2001, 22:00
read my personal post (http://rilanparty.com/vbb/private.php?s=) to you.

27th December 2001, 16:43

27th December 2001, 18:23
thank you, i got the file !
but.. the bug doesn't occur on my computer ( P4 1.5/win98 ).
anyway, i believe i found the origin of the bug & hope to release a fixed version in the near future.