View Full Version : Dolby Headphone in Media Center

29th November 2006, 16:18

Excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong forum.
I watch films with a headphone. I use Media Player Classic with 'CyberLink Audio Effect (PDVD7)' to upmix the stereo sound using CLMEI in Movie mode (the best upmixer for movies to my experience) and 'InterVideo Downmix DMO' to downmix it back (duh) :rolleyes: .

Now, is there a way to do the same thing in Windows Media Center? I have installed Nvidia Purevideo, which supports Dolby Headphone, but that doesn't load with avi movies. I don't completely understand the way DirectShow works (how do you set filters to automatically load in any application, like e.g. ffdshow does?). I also tried some things in graphedit but I don't really get what that exactly does (is it useful for realtime playback without first having to encode a new file?).

Thanks in advance!