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21st November 2006, 00:27

I had a thread going on this some time ago, but was never able to get it resolved. I ended up losing the DVD image I had at the time so I gave up. I just got my hands on the DVD again and was going to try this backup one more time.

Oddly enough, waiting 6 months did nothing for the end result. I am still getting the same error.

Here is the link to the original thread:


Here is a repost of the error in question:

Error This VOB duration (47.5 frames) is not multiple number of frame.
Error dvd_mux : DoMux Multiplexing Error
Error Terminated Multiplexing (ScenAid27.scn-VTS04_1_Track_t.vob).
Error The VOB duration must be even number of fields.
Error Multiplex is failed.
Info Multiplexing failed, Track<VTS04_1_Track>

Error MuxFromDB:MuxVTS failed
Error Multiplex failed
Error DVD files could not be created


As you can see from my prior thread, I tried a number of times to manually adjust things in Scenarist 2.7, but was never able to get it to work (I think I made it worse). At one point Trahald was just going to edit some file for me and repost it, but that never transpired.

I'm actually going to have my hands on this one for a while, and I'd like to nail it down. What are the odds of having one of the gurus get access to my ISO and run it and see if you guys can fix / address this problem in Scenaid or DIF4U?

I'd like to find a way around this (its been a struggle) but also if I can help others that may have this problem on this or other DVDs Im willing to be a guinea pig too.

Let me know what you guys think, and what can be done.


21st November 2006, 08:28
try importing the scp file into DVDPlanner. The public release won't allow seamless joints, but the PRO build does. I'd be interested to see DVDPlanner shapes up with your script.

22nd November 2006, 04:01
what batch encoder are you using? the newer versions of batchccews should prevent that error

22nd November 2006, 19:25
BatchCCEWS version Beta 5.

I believe I'm using the newest of all of the Big 3 tools.

23rd November 2006, 03:47
AAAhh... 47.5 frames..

I bet it's a no-cce file

let me see the ifo for VTS4 and the scenaid.log file

24th November 2006, 16:46
Here are both files attached. The VTS_04.ifo file was taken in the scenaid-created VIDEO_TS folder. Hope thats the one you wanted.

25th November 2006, 20:21
yep.. here's your problem... it's a no-cce file w/ the old pulldown issue

- Checking Video File VTS__04_V001-no-cce.I-TFF-UFF.16~9_1.AVS
- Identified as Asset : 001
- Processing RawFile
- Encoded Asset: C:\DVDRIPS\OUTPUT\VTS04\VTS__04_V001-NO-CCE.I-TFF-UFF.16~9_1.M2V Exists
- Original Asset: C:\DVDRIPS\OUTPUT\VTS04\VTS__04_V001-NO-CCE.I-TFF-UFF.16~9_1.M2V
- Original Length: 55892 - Bitrate: 279
- Frames: 48 - fps: 29.97

I'd re-encode it with the new batchccews and let it apply the proper pulldowns

25th November 2006, 21:08
But....I thought that I *am* using the new BatchCCEWS. I'm running Beta 5. Is there a newer one? If there is, I'll try it. If there isn't, then there is clearly something still not right with the current version.

26th November 2006, 10:21
Because the file is flagged as NO-CCE then it doesn't get re-encoded. D3s7 is suggesting that you manually re-encode this file with the latest BatchCCEWS, which will automatically invoke the proper pulldown routines to correct the half frame.

26th November 2006, 14:29

any files flagged Nocce will not be re-encoded and wil use the original asset. These original assets usually aren't effected by pulldown issues so we don't worry about it however, occasionally they can be effected as in this case.

The next version of Scenaid will include the option to force encoding of all assets which includes no-cce files

26th November 2006, 17:57
Ahhh I understand now. How do I get BatchCCEWS to manually encode that file? Never done that before.

26th November 2006, 19:13
drop the .avs into batchccews

check the settings made to the other resources as far as bitrate/ar/etc and set them accordingly...

28th November 2006, 02:07

I did that, and I think it worked successfully. I used the settings of the other assets to get this to work.

However, my Scenarist Script still gives the same error. Is this because the script itself won't have changed just by re-doing the asset?

Here are the three files that I just created:


Now, here are similar files from the first time I did this:


They look similar, but they were run the first time, with the nocce, not this new time. Should I have deleted all those files?

How come running BatchCCEWS didn't create any .d2v, .M2V, or .M2v.vif files like it did for all the other assets?

And most importantly, how do I get scenarist to recognize that I ran these assests and get the script to work so it doesnt keep giving me the same error?


28th November 2006, 04:43
d2v files are the product of dvd2avi or dgindex. These are created initially by dif then recreated by scenaid if requested.. they should already be there..

the scenaid.scp file will have to be manually updated to point to the new files and reimported OR the new assets dropped into scenarist and relinked (first method is easier)

so scan your .scp and replace VTS__04_V001-no-cce.I-TFF-UFF.16~9_1.m2v with VTS__04_V001-no-cce.I-TFF-UFF.16~9_1.mpv.m2v and do that for any nocce file you have (new version of scenaid allows this via option)

29th November 2006, 18:28

Is it possible to manually tell Scenaid to encode the NOCCE file by editing the ScenaidCCEData.txt file? I would assume that I would add a line in there for the proper VTS and add the same attributes as other files have?

30th November 2006, 05:11
Scenaid doesn't encode anything....

the scenaidcce file is only used for batchccews...


The next version of Scenaid will include the option to force encoding of all assets which includes no-cce files

30th November 2006, 23:07

How long until that next version of Scenaid is out? I tried the editing thing and its still not working right. Im not so good with the manual processes as you can tell. I think it would be easier at this point if I just wait till your program supports this particular issue, then I can run it through that way.

Any rough estimates on when the next Scenaid will be done? :)

1st December 2006, 14:41
i wish eyes had made a way to turn off nocce files (ie set min encode size to 0) currently the smallest setting for encoding is 1mb. yeah.. usually its ok.. but rears its head on vobid demuxes (odd frame counts and also sometimes the files are stamped at too high a bitrate)... id be happy to see an encode all files setting in scenaid . although those really tiny ones may need to be forced to single pass since cce has a hard time with multipass with small frame counts (i think pushing the avg bitrate up instead helps too)

you can try backing up the no-cce files to a different location and renaming the new files batchccews made to the old file name. then import and compile

2nd December 2006, 00:19
Single pass info can be passed to batch yes? I can add a section to the ccedata page to allow certain settings for nocce files over not.. these would be written to the ccedeata file

I'll add the override ability to dif too :)

recoil: i'm working on some other minor addins / changes but shoot me your email addr and I'll compile a build w/ the force encode enabled in it

2nd December 2006, 01:04
Wow, thanks awesome! Thanks!

I PMd you my email.

3rd December 2006, 01:55
yeah... cbr is one of the options. its method 3 and its always the option after avg_bitrate in all the cce_data.txt formats.